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   'Club Las Amigas' is a U.S. and Mexico non-profit philanthropic organization that was formed in 1986.  It is composed of international women who are dedicated to helping the youth of San Felipe, Baja California, through education.  Private funding is necessary for continuing education beyond the 6th grade.  Individual student scholarships are funded via donations for families and students with financial needs.

Located in Baja California, Mexico, San Felipe is considered a border town, a fishing village 120 miles south and part of the municipality of the large city of Mexicali. 
In the past, tourists from North America have been drawn to the growing tourist town, resulting in a construction explosion during the recent years, which resulted in more steady income for San Felipe''s native community.

'Club Las Amigas' scholarships serve San Felipe students who are impoverished and  cannot attain university on their own.  They are from Mexican or Indian families,
most of whom do not have much education and who recognize the value of education for their children and their families.  These students excel in academics and study hard, many work after school and on weekends to help support their families.

Please visit our other pages for details about our scholarships and fundraising activities.

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                                                                 CALEXICO  CA  92232


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